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MAC in the News

The Mining Association of Canada (MAC) is a go-to source for mining industry news. Check out the articles below for recent media coverage featuring MAC experts. 

The Mining Association of Canada has declared Bill C-69, the proposed new federal Impact Assessment Act, an improvement over its Harper-government predecessor, with its president and CEO Pierre Gratton suggesting that with proper implementation, C-69 will make Canada a more welcome place for mining investment.
Infrastructure investment and resource development go hand-in-hand in connecting Northern communities and driving economic prosperity.
Canada’s natural resource sectors are bedrocks of our economy. Our mining sector, in particular, is widely recognized as a global leader. We’ve also consistently been one of the largest sources of foreign direct investment, even more so when we include oil sands mining. Today, unfortunately, this provider of three-quarters of a million jobs – the largest private-sector employer of Indigenous Canadians – and 20 per cent of Canada’s exports is at risk, with major implications for the overall health of the economy and our collective well-being.
The Federal Court of Appeal's ruling that consultations for the Trans Mountain project were inadequate has raised concerns from the resources industry about added uncertainty around the duty to consult Indigenous communities, though experts say the precedent adds further clarity to what it means to meaningfully engage.