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The Mining Association of Canada (MAC) is a go-to source for mining industry news. Check out the articles below for recent media coverage featuring MAC experts. 

Canada needs to get its act together and pony up big bucks for wildland conservation if it’s going to reach its international commitments, says a federally commissioned report.
Les controverses entourant la construction de pipelines au Canada font mal à l'industrie minière en réduisant la confiance des investisseurs étrangers, selon l'Association minière du Canada (AMC), qui accueille toutefois avec soulagement la décision du fédéral d'acheter le pipeline Trans Mountain.
A one-day strike by Canadian Pacific (CP) Railway engineers and conductors is not expected to have a lasting impact on Canada’s mining operations, the Mining Association of Canada (MAC) said on Wednesday.
Canadian shippers breathed a collective sigh of relief Wednesday after CP Rail reached a tentative agreement with its train crews to end a strike mere hours after it began.
Thousands of conductors and engineers with Canadian Pacific Railway walked off the job Tuesday night — sparking transportation worries across the country. More than 3,000 employees of Canada’s second-largest railroad are now on strike, but the union says it’s still negotiating with the railway with the help of a federal mediator