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MAC welcomes support for revitalization of the Relance Terminal

The Mining Association of Canada welcomes the announcement of support for the second phase of the Relance Terminal in the Port of Sept-Iles.

“The Government’s commitment represents a positive encouragement to mining companies operating in the region” said Gordon Peeling, President and CEO of MAC, adding “revitalizing the Relance Terminal will bring additional capacity to improve the movement of raw materials and finished goods to market. The Mining Association of Canada applauds any capital investments that will improve our access to resources and markets. In this particular case, the modernization of the La Relance terminal will help further enhance the capacity and flexibility of Rio Tinto Alcan’s Aluminerie  Alouette operations and, in so doing, strengthen the overall competitiveness of the region.”

The Canadian mining industry is one of the largest contributors to Canada’s transportation system, accounting for around one-half of the freight revenues of Canada’s railway companies and moving large volumes of minerals through our ports and shipping companies.  In the iron ore sector near Sept-Iles, a number of companies are investing significant amounts in expanding their mining and processing capacity.  Rio Tinto, to take one example, is proceeding with a $475 million investment to expand the mining, processing and transportation capacity of IOC's facilities in Labrador and Sept-Iles, aiming to increase capacity by 50% by 2011.  

Based in Ottawa, the Mining Association of Canada is the national organization for the Canadian Mining industry.  Its members are engaged in mineral exploration, mining, smelting, refining and semi fabrication.