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Canadian Mining: Down, but Never Out

September 22, 2015
Vancouver, BC

Pierre Gratton's Address to the Vancouver Board of Trade

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As the old adage goes “What goes up must come down”, and it did. The Canadian mining industry is in the midst of a significant downturn after what was a spectacular super cycle that characterized the better part of the last decade. But the mining industry will not stay down too long – it always bounces back.

Canadian mining companies are doing what they can to control costs and prepare for the next upturn. However, the industry cannot act alone. Opportunities for mineral investment and development are abundant in the province of British Columbia and across the country. To seize growth opportunities when markets rebound, Canadian governments also need to do their parts to maintain the country’s leadership in mining and to ensure Canada can compete for highly-mobile global mining investment. And what better time to discuss these issues but when a federal election is underway.

Join Pierre Gratton, President and CEO of the Mining Association of Canada, who will explain the upside to a downturn in being a useful period to position the sector for future success. Mr. Gratton will also speak to the mining industry’s important contributions to Canada’s interconnected economy, and will explain why policymakers need to remain focused on mining during this down period, or risk playing a costly game of catch-up when resources boom again.