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Address to the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade

September 27, 2017
Vancouver, BC

Canadian Mining in a Changing World

The global transition to a low carbon future presents a great growth opportunity for Canada's mining industry. As the building blocks of the technologies and infrastructure of the future, demand for minerals and metals is poised to increase in the coming decades.

Canada's mining industry, which operates some of the lowest-emitting, highest-tech, and socially-responsible mining operations globally, can be a leading supplier of sustainably-sourced minerals and metals the world needs.

The challenge is turning opportunity into reality, especially amidst a backdrop of federal policy decisions that will shape Canada's mining industry for years to come. From reviews of important environmental legislation, to the pan-Canadian climate change policy, to transportation and infrastructure developments, the federal government will be making big decisions this year that will impact the industry's competitiveness, positively or negatively depending on how they are implemented.

Join Pierre Gratton, President and CEO of the Mining Association of Canada, who will discuss the elements that are integral to the growth of sustainable mining development in British Columbia and across Canada.

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