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International CSR

Healthy dialogue continues over the need to ensure that mining projects in the developing world respect human rights, the environment, and public health and safety. As one of the world’s most successful mining countries, Canada has an important role to play in this area.

Recent decades have seen developing countries open up their economies to mineral exploration and development. In the process, Canadian mining companies have often encountered challenging circumstances such as weak national and local governments, corruption and poverty.

Corporate responsibility (CR) standards are one way that companies can help manage risks and avoid potential conflicts. Many MAC members have proactively applied our Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) initiative to their operations overseas to ensure they are operating at the same high standard as their Canadian operations. Beyond TSM, our members subscribe to as many as 17 different international standards addressing issues such as human rights, the environment and climate change, labour, anti-corruption and community development.

MAC and its members identify and address evolving issues occurring internationally. This includes transparency of payments to reduce corruption, the protection of human rights and building capacity where weak governance exists. As an industry, we also support community development to help spur local business development, build environmental expertise and reduce poverty in the areas where we operate.